To make the petroleum jelly fire starters, start by filling the egg carton compartments halfway full of dryer lint. DIY Fire Starters . Perfect for camping as well. This does not have to be the brand-name Vaseline but make sure it is 100%. So in survival scenario, you would want to find this resource for a good fire starter in bad weather conditions. Fat wood is found in Pine trees that are dead when the Pine tree dies all the pine sap flows back down to the center of the base of the tree saturating the center of the tree with Harley concentrated pine-Sap then as the tree is standing up there for a long length of time some of the pine sap evaporates leaving behind a Harley concentrated piece of wood that is impregnated with very flammable Wood that is resistant to moisture If you take very fine shavings off of it it lights from a spark pretty easily and the larger piece once it ignites is excellent for drying out wood to start your fire, it’s usually pretty easy to find in the woods if you find wood that is amber in color shiny and extremely hard that is located in the center of the tree that would probably be it, Oh, ok cool! Most of the items are things we normally throw away. It won’t take a flame under normal conditions. It looks like a wax ravioli. He can be found frequently on Instagram spreading the word of freedom, firearms, and preparedness. In other words, Vaseline is not flammable. You could probably just carry a jar of Vaseline and use it by itself if you wanted. Finally, cut the twelve compartments of the egg cart… Fat wood is a sap rich section of pine tree after it has died. I’ve also been the hero at a neighbors cookout a few dozen times as the “man of the house” couldn’t get a fire going and I bring out a Ziploc bag and work my magic. Follow any link from this website to Amazon, make a purchase, and we receive a small commision at no additional cost to you. Remake of a previous video, this time in HD with better audio and atmosphere. Contact Us, Start Your Own Outdoor Blog in Under 15 Minutes, Five Things More Affordable than Health Care, Review: Paracord Bracelets and Products, Swedish Axe Models Compared: Gransfors Bruk, Hults Bruk, Hultafors; Wetterlings Alternatives. The best way to check fire off your in-the-wilderness to-do list is to have pre-made DIY fire starters. What’s really cool is I almost bought some Vaseline at Wally world and I thought. Good stuff, it’s been my go to for years, another example of why this is a great sight, it is rare for a site to show you the survival hacks to save money, most will try to sell you a inferior fire starter that won’t hold up to any kind of long term storage to turn a buck! You cannot get much simpler – or cheaper. Vaseline & Cotton Balls – the Perfect Fire Starter? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If these features match what would be considered a “perfect” fire starter then I guess they are. Looking for fire starters that are as good for the backpack as for the backyard? That’s it. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. 2. The 10 Most Important Steps to Take Now. He believes an "American Reformation" is inevitable. The resins and make up of the sap is highly flammable, but you usually need an ember, or feather sticks that have a flame going, to ignite, and then it burns very hot, and usually for a good duration. They can be ignited via any spark or flame source including ferro rods, matches, lighters, etc. Survivorman Les Stroud showed that there are dozens of ways to make fire. Below is a list of possible items you can save for making fire starters. Thank you very much for taking the time to explain that to me, I will look for some on my next hike. Not here, brovo! As an avid Conservative, John promotes the Constitution as the law of the land...period. John is an author, father, and Patriot with a deep concern for the future of this country. The sap ends up sinking to the bottom of the tree, and into the base of branches. Lastly – throw the Vaseline covered cotton balls in a Ziploc bag. Below I am using a ferro rod and tool sharpener to shower sparks onto a Vaseline cotton ball. , JR I take a clear straw cut it into three sections seal one end stuff it full of the Vaseline soaked cotton balls and seal the other end. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve started a fire in the backyard fire pit with cotton balls or dryer lint covered with Vaseline. Practice and Learn- What I Learned From Preparing Auguson Farm Food, TASTE TEST: Mountain House Grilled Chicken & Mashed Potato’s, [Patreon Post]Reminder: Thanksgiving Stock Up Items, Video: Projects With a Purpose – Flashlight Lanyards,, The Collapse Is Coming? Then grab a big glob of petroleum jelly (generic brands work just as well as Vaseline, and are cheaper! The dry cotton fibers can be targeted for ignition or the jelly itself. I made a batch a while ago and did a few things differently. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. He has been interested in preparedness since his teenage years in the mid-80's. These small petroleum jelly covered cotton balls are highly flammable. I’ve considered ferro rods, magnesium starters, waterproof matches etc, but I never found anything as easy as a good old Bic lighter. Get a good amount of Vaseline on your fingertip and spread in though out the cotton ball. The only drawback I can find using Vaseline cotton balls is they can be a mess to make. Zero. John's goal with 1776PatriotUSA and corresponding entities is to help as many American's wake up to what is coming - and live their life a little more prepared. Stupid I know, ask a cop. Jim – I think you have is slightly wrong. When you cut the tree up, some pine will be light, and some sections will be a dark red (the darker red the better) from the concentrated sap deposit. This is a very lightweight supply of fire starters that can be used many times. I trust that there’s no chance they’re going to spontaneously burst into flame. Yes – Vaseline cotton balls are not just for survival and sitting comfortably in a bug out bag. These are my "go-to" While there are many commercially manufactured fire starters the Vaseline cotton ball works just as well and superior in many cases. Fire Starter Materials: There are so many different items that can be saved for fire starters. I’ve seen him go hungry for a few days in a row but I’ve never seen him fail to make a fire, no matter what method he’s trying. Using Vaseline and cotton balls is as simple as can be and incredibly effective. When using this fire starter I just peel back the cotton square and I have a Vaseline cotton ball in the middle that starts up easily. Next, get a bag of cotton balls. Advanced Preparedness for a Divided Nation. ), measuring about 1 tsp or so. Having the bottle itself is not illegal. You can wipe it on kindling by itself to help start a fire. Vaseline cotton balls are wind resistant, waterproof, lightweight, long lasting, inexpensive – and easily ignited. Melt the Vaseline, then pour most of the molten liquid into a #10 can with its top cut out, or a GI canteen cup. Thanks for the info as always. I then took 100% cotton makeup cleaning squares I bought at the $1 store and melted a candle in a pan. Then fill the emptied out, but still well-coated Vaseline jar with dry cotton balls. Put the petroleum jelly in the middle of the lint bowl you created, then cover the top with more dryer lint, packing it into the carton so it's full. The concept is simple: Just combine combustible material, an accelerant, and a way to slow the rate at which the material burns so the flame can live long enough set the wood alight. I didn’t like the idea of the mess with the Vaseline so I used a Ziploc bag that I put the Vaseline in. Could the “cheap” stuff work just as good. This burns for 5-7 minutes which allows the kindling to catch. The Vaseline cotton balls/Bic lighter combo does indeed make the perfect fire kit. You don’t need to use an entire cotton ball either – just tear off a small piece of one and the Vaseline will cause it to stick to your small kindling. I dipped the cotton squares in the wax then added a Vaseline cotton ball then folded it over and pinched it shut on all sides. That’s what I thought the law was as well, you definitely wouldn’t want to carry aspirin, and I histamines or any other things like that in there though! When you use up all the cotton balls, the container will still have a good amount of Vaseline smeared on the inside. Below are some of the many items and ways you can make your own fire starters at home. The dollar store has large containers for only $1.00. Then – grab a cotton ball and swab it inside the jar of Vaseline covering up to 3/4 of the ball with the petroleum jelly. Fire Starting Tip: Save an old prescription bottle and stuff 10-12 Vaseline cotton balls inside. Nada. The plastic bottle Vaseline comes in will catch on fire long before the Vaseline inside of it does. Make sure these are 100% cotton as they take a spark the best. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! It is illegal to carry prescription medication NOT in the original bottle/packaging. Work / knead the CBs with your fingers to take up the melted Vaseline coating the inside of the container. Excellent description and demonstration. I then added the cotton balls and squished them around. Using a ferro rod a spark or two hitting the cotton will generate flake – and then ignite the petroleum jelly. I carry a small jar of these cotton balls in each of my kits, with a Bic lighter strapped to it with a rubber band. The Vaseline burns for an extended time while the kindling catches fire. This kept my hands from getting all greasy. Nice small portable and a little less mess. Putting these together is easy. Now I know , Vaseline has many uses besides starting fires you can make a candle you can lubricate a weapon stop your knife from rusting use it as hand cream or for cracked lips and condition leather and I am not sure but I think it could be placed on a burn, if you’re in the wild in extremely wet weather I prefer fatwood starting fires it burns hot and for a long time end it is very easy to get started to burn, What’s fatwood, I hear it all the time but am a noob when it comes to trees, botany in general.. thanks. But the principle is the same. Also – I remove the label as well and once I do that it is merely a plastic container. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. John Rourke is the owner and editor of While you could cover the entire cotton ball I prefer to leave some of the cotton dry so it can be ignited with a spark. First, buy a container of petroleum jelly. That’s one reason I like these petroleum jelly fire starters so much. I buy packs of them periodically and stick them in drawers, glove compartments, BOBs, GHBs, tool boxes and SHTF storage. Look no further. Its a felony to carry prescription bottles. Want to help support what we do here at