Phone 06 328 7803 . From shop GroundandLeaf. A hardy slow growing prostrate species forming dense carpet of intertwining stems fruits white bearing a shiny black nutlet. Muehlenbeckia astonii. Muehlenbeckia axillaris (creeping wire vine, sprawling wirevine, matted lignum) is a low evergreen shrub, forming wiry mats up to about 1 metre (3 ft 3 in) in diameter, native to New Zealand, and the Australian states of Tasmania, New South Wales and Victoria. It is found on moderate to high fertility soils. The fruit developing. Compare. Drainage: Damp Very Dry Well Drained. $12.99. You are responsible for your own safety. From shop miniaturegardening . In New Zealand it is present on Mt Egmont/ Mt Taranaki mostly growing on rocky sites. It requires little maintenance and is fast-spreading. Muehlenbeckia axillaris Product Description. Muehlenbeckia axillaris is a creeping mat groundcover which grows on New Zealand’s coasts. . Muehlenbeckia axillaris 'Nana' has tiny, glossy, dark green leaves on wiry, bronzy copper colored stems. Muehlenbeckia axillaris has thin wiry red-brown stems, with small dark green leaves that are less than 1 cm in diameter, and 2–4 mm thick. It can be grown as a deciduous plant in zone 6 and possibly in warmer parts of zone 5. New Zealand Daphne 1.3L. It spreads along the ground and even underground. The next three photos are of Muehlenbeckia axillaris in alpine conditions on the Stratford Plateau Mt Egmont/Taranaki. Muehlenbeckia grows only 2 to 6 inches … Be the first to review this product. Height Range: 0.3. Family Polygonaceae Genus Muehlenbeckia are evergreen or deciduous shrubs or semi-woody climbers, with alternate leaves or sometimes none. Muehlenbeckia axillaris is a low growing, evergreen shrub that is native to New Zealand and Tasmania, New South Wales and Victoria in Australia. Origin: The genus Muehlenbeckia consists of 20 species native to Australia, New Zealand, South America, and New Guinea. We would often be informed that these such plants were only used for demonstration purposes. Size: Clear: Muehlenbeckia axillaris (pōhuehue) quantity. Muehlenbeckia Axillaris 1.3L. Muehlenbeckia. During summer tiny cream star-like flowers appear. Muehlenbeckia axillaris has thin wiry red-brown stems, with small dark green leaves that are less than 1 cm in diameter, and 2–4 mm thick. Share on Twitter; Share on Facebook; Pin this product ; Share via Email; Description Additional information Description. Wainuiomata, 285 Moores Valley Road. Flowers. Only the species M. axillaris and M. complexa are common garden plants, and both are native to New Zealand. Small glossy green leaves on dark wiry stem’s and quickly form’s a dense mat.Plant in average soil in full sun or partial shade.Will withstand dry conditions and is excellent for rockeries or along banks and streams. $16.99. New Zealand Native; Muehlenbeckia axillaris; Sold. During the colder months the foliage tends to develop bronze tones. Use: Shrub. It is hardy to zone (UK) 8. The leaves are deep green. Join the RHS today and get 12 months for the price of 9. Muehlenbeckia complexa, commonly known as maidenhair vine, creeping wire vine, lacy wire vine, angel vine, mattress vine, mattress wire weed, necklace vine, and wire vine.. Muehlenbeckia axillaris (Hook. Listed in the RHS Plant Finder. Why are there no more details? The blooms are followed by attractive, transparent white fruits with black seeds. Both species of muehlenbeckia have greenish yellow and fairly insignificant flowers which are sweetly scented. QTY: Muehlenbeckia Axillaris. This perennial is deciduous. $11.99. Our mission. 4 more photos VIEW GALLERY. Leptinella diocia, Pimelia prostrata, Muehlenbeckia axillaris . Our five hectare native plant nursery situated on the outskirts of Rangiora, North Canterbury specialise in New Zealand native plants, hedging and plants for landscaping. Pohuehue flowers prolifically in Summer with masses of small creamy flowers. It is semi-deciduous growing to 4.5 m or more up suitable supports, and produces swollen white berries with black seeds. Plant Code: MUEH AXI 175. It forms a dense mat of wiry stems carrying tiny, glossy green leaves. Muehlenbeckia axillaris $ 7.00. AVH is a collaborative project of the state, Commonwealth and territory herbaria, developed under the auspices of the Council of Heads of Australasian Herbaria (CHAH), representing the major Australian collections. Tag: foliage. Availability: Currently unavailable online - Please contact us to check availability in store. Masses of small, cream coloured flowers are borne through summer and result in small, white berries in autumn. Availability: Out of stock ... Out of stock Categories: Ground cover / New Zealand Native. Conditions in the New Zealand backcountry change rapidly. Visitor Count. Categories: All Stock, NZ Native, Sun Loving Plants. How to grow Muehlenbeckia axillaris (Creeping Wire Vine) Commonly known as Pohuehue, this is a low growing, groundcover plant. It is in flower in July. Along with that there is the added bonus of attracting native birds to your garden and beneficial native insects. Muehlenbeckia axillaris 'Nana' foliage turns bronze with heat or cold. Muehlenbeckia axillaris . Common name shrubby tororaro, mingimingi, wiggywig Plant type Ground Covers, Natives. Muehlenbeckia axillaris mini-leaf, Compact, Fairy Vine, ContainerSize: 3" (2.6x3.5") miniaturegardening. Container: 2.5l ? Useful groundcover for rough soil or as part of a native planting. Permission to Copy, Download or Distribute from this website is denied without my express written permission. Lifespan: They live long, but it is desirable to rejuvenate the plant every year. Dark … We specialise in plants for Ground Cover, Grasses and Flaxes, Natives, Hedging, Shelter Trees. Plant Details. Plant Variety: Muehlenbeckia; Height: < 0.5m; Width: 1 - 2m; Foliage: Evergreen; Sunlight: Full Sun; Climate: Hardy; Coastal Tolerance: Suitable; This low growing N.Z. Add to Quote. Growth rate: Fast enough. Plants To Go is the online plant nursery of Riverside Horticulture. View gallery. Muehlenbeckia Axillaris. Common Name: Muehlenbeckia axillaris. Synonyms Muehlenbeckia axillaris. At present our information about this plant is limited to a list of the nurseries that supply it. Quick Overview . Also known as Creeping Muehlenbeckia and Pohuehue.A hardy,native,groundcover shrub with scented cream flower’s in summer followed by white jewel-like fruit. 1m wide. Naturally found alongside river beds and in rocky areas. Container: 1.5l ? Flowers are inconspicuous, whitish or greenish Details M. complexa is a deciduous climber, forming dense masses of slender, wiry, much interlaced stems, reaching 2.5-3m but vertical height usually not relevant. Current Stock Height: 5 cm. Flowers and a developing.fruit. Muehlenbeckia Axillaris. Creeping Wire Vine (Muehlenbeckia axillaris) is a sprawling prostrate subshrub with distinctive small, round, ornamental dark green leaves and wiry stems. Very hardy. Delivery only available within the North Island. A very versatile shrub, great for creating an informal hedge, easily clipped either for a hedge or topiary and great for exposed garden plantings as this plant will tolerate dry and windy conditions. Plant Uses Hedging Plant, Border. New Zealand native creeping ground cover. It likes well drained soils and is frost hardy. Messn. Male and female flowers often occur on the same plant and the female flowers form small opaque white fruit. f.) Endl. Address 752 Taonui Road, Colyton . [pullquote_right]Awa Nursery is a working nursery open to the public, including landscapers and developers 7 days a week from 9am to 5pm. Muehlenbeckia Axillaris. Category: Groundcover. The species is dioecious (individual flowers are either male or female, but only one sex is to be found on any one plant so both male and female plants must be grown if seed is required). **Information Source: TERRAIN.NZ **Photographs by Phil Bendle. M. axillaris is more of a creeping shrub which grows, also as a dense mat, to about 3ft tall. It is equally suitable for covering an unsightly bank or a hot slope where not much else will grow successfully. Muehlenbeckia Axillaris 1.3L Product Code:103550. Grade (other sizes): cm. This website is the work and property of Julie Simpson. The plant is often found in association with Coprosma crassifolia Colenso, Coprosma propinqua A,Cunn., Muehlenbeckia complexa (A.Cunn.) Site Conditions: Coastal Exposed Frost Tolerant Heavy Soil Loamy Soil Sandy Soil Windy. Muehlenbeckia axillaris. Also called Creeping Wire Vine, its tiny yellow-green blooms are usually inconspicuous. It is quite vigorous and probably the best species for trimming and topiary. Height: 1.50 m. Flower Colour: Growth Aspect: Sun. It produces many tiny creamy coloured flowers during spring and summer. A dense groundcover with wiry stems and small dark green leaves. This plant is listed in the RHS Plant Finder book. Muehlenbeckia axillaris, creeping pohuehue is a wonderful groundcover plant for shade or sun. It's also sometimes referred to as Matted Lignum. Creamy sweet scented flowers then white fruits. It has small green leaves and white berries. Botanical Name: Muehlenbeckia axillaris. Spread Range: 1. Also the desire to buy every plant that was presented for display without having a ‘Not For Sale’ sign on the very plant that we may have wanted to buy. In New Zealand, both are … Prefers full sun and well drained soil. native shrub forms a dense mat of small rounded dark green leaves on wiry branches. Wholesale plant guide available. Family: Polygonaceae: Genus: Muehlenbeckia (mew-len-BEK-ee-uh) Species: axillaris (ax-ILL-ar-iss) Cultivar: Nana : Additional cultivar information: (aka Little Leaf) Synonym: Muehlenbeckia complexa var. microphylla: Synonym: Muehlenbeckia nana: Synonym: Muehlenbeckia hypogaea: Synonym: Polygonum axillare: 3 vendors … Culture: Many are frost tender, however, Muehlenbeckia axillaris and Muehlenbeckia complexa are hardy to USDA zone 7 (0-10 degrees). Forms patch 1m across. Muehlenbeckia axillaris is a prostrate shrub with wiry stems. The shrub forms a wiry mat with thin brown stems and small round leaves. Creeping wire vine is reliably evergreen in zone 7 to 9, and it thrives in these warm climates. Description; Description. Plant Type: Natives. (04) 564-8391 Levin (Ohau), 132 McLeavey Road. Growth: Medium. Features: Attractive foliage Attractive to insects Evergreen Suitable for Revegetation Species. To promote and share our love for adventure, wilderness, and self-reliance. Container: 175. The Australasian Virtual Herbarium (AVH) is an online resource that provides immediate access to the wealth of plant specimen information held by Australian herbaria. Sunlight: Full Sun Partial Shade. Join now. Life form: Grassy, ampel: Family: Polygonaceae: Origin: New Zealand, Australia, South America and New Guinea: Ease of cultivation: Lung: The size: The length of shoots is 15-60 cm. Here at home, planting a NZ Native is really an act of conservation as it ensures the continuation of native plant species. Out of stock Compare. Current Stock Height: 5/10 cm ? Muehlenbeckia axillaris is a deciduous Climber growing to 0.3 m (1ft) by 1 m (3ft 3in) at a medium rate. Email It isn’t common in Hawke’s Bay but it’s in one or two places in the Kaweka Ranges. Muehlenbeckia axillaris. Muehlenbeckia Wire Vine Info. 5 out of 5 stars (5,247) 5,247 reviews $ 14.47 FREE shipping Favorite Add to Muehlenbechia Complexa Maidenhair Vine, Muehlenbeckia Complexa, Creeping wire vine, Lacy wire, Angel vine, Mattress vine Necklace vine Plant GroundandLeaf. Muehlenbeckia axillaris. Muehlenbeckia axillaris. This species is associated with “grey” scrub communities, largely confined to drier lowland parts of eastern New Zealand. Best uses.

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