I cannot wait to see him develop further. Hwashin and NaRi were messy. Such a positive vibe drama with so much of rom-com in it where most of the dramas not up to the expectation under this genre in the recent days. I happened to sympathize with this character a lot thank to Jo Jung Suk. W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="+W4GRB.pid[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); I dont get why people so worked up about her choosen LHS over KJW.. remember it was her who had crushes on him for 3 yrs... just becoz someone like you doesnt mean you have to like her out of pity?.. Esp Hwa shin's character is too hot to be true, I even watched Oh my Ghost because of him, he's perfect And very awesome actor!! Though Jung Won is a perfect man, in general, the girl always stays with the guy she is most comfortable with. He must have save a country in his past life that he was so blessed in this present time. I hope Jealousy Incarnate to be Best Drama forever.. ^_^, Azul Aug 10 2016 7:29 am Ko-Nari Oct 10 2016 10:28 am Arghhh# amazing drama. Jess Oct 27 2016 9:23 am Gong hyo jin so cute! Loved every expression of him and the way he emotes. Shanzay lizay Feb 03 2021 9:39 am This drama is my fourth top drama....after masters sun, the greatest love, and its ok thats love. Nancy Sep 03 2016 11:39 pm It has the whole enchilada of K-drama ... kudos to the writer. Ah I am so frustrated . Just finished this drama and really like it. This drama is just TOO good!! I couldn't take too serious on drama because it's only a drama. Please mention bambam, Jackson Aug 27 2016 2:51 pm daemok Sep 22 2016 2:14 am LoLa Sep 22 2016 10:13 pm Sam Oct 21 2016 8:29 am I really love this drama. I like him too. And Boi, is it me or? and PNR choosen him cause he s jerk. I hope everyone gets happy ending, HS with his blind date@ Han Ji Min, JW with Announcer Hong and PNR with Chef Kim Rak or Secretary Cha. All my hopes are gone, all of it! I want Jung Won for Pyo Na Ri plsssssssssssssssss.....Hope they end up together. Love this drama...always waiting to the next episodes.....fighting! wanda Jul 07 2016 3:20 am Please, be together will you? Hwasinlove Oct 07 2016 5:09 am Dwiy Jan 08 2021 7:01 am From the 15th ep the drama is Horrible! excellent..love..love. loubna Oct 26 2016 8:30 pm I watched till Ep 15. How could everyone is connected to everyone in this drama? OMG! So far I am enjoying, because of CJS, this drama is making me cry at the same time make me die laughing! A Must watch!!!! I know all's fair in love and war, but Hwashin used his friend because he lacked courage and was indecisive. and i hate gong hyo jin too, i don't think her face look serious when she is talking in serious. Will be so disappointed if she chooses Hwa Shin in the end ! This is also based in my experience and its normal. Nice and funny drama, absolutely fall in love with Jungwon now,hope she will end up with him. Home Page; Anime. For me, I am hooked with this one. If it is not one's cup of tea, well that is one's personal preferences. Mimi Dec 31 2016 8:45 pm He was so happy with her, that's the only thing I can imagine which would make him go back... TT.TT, Lola Oct 27 2016 8:23 am I really like the way he cares for Nari.... His role were very charming and lovable... Hope they end up together... :). I don't care ending. The JS Oct 31 2016 4:53 am But with the comments here, I still am thinking if I will watch again. I've been watching Kdrama since as 2009, undoubtedly, this drama top the chart for me. good luck hwashin and nari . Even the scenes where he's REALY ANGRY don't really shine through. Shareen Sep 20 2020 2:54 pm it s the first time that i see an actor like cho jung soek so big and the best no one can beat Some feel Jungwon used the anchor. This show has the GREATEST ENDING ever!!! Coz almost all rom-coms out there have close to ‘perfect’ second leads who don’t get the girl! Come on lah. Perfekt !! Wrongfully done and written by the Scriptwriter, too many good romantic cool scenes for Jung Won since ep 1 to 14 making the viewers fell for him, while making the lead star Hwa Shin lool like a real jerk towards Pyo Na Ri and viewers hate him fo that even if he is the Main lead. Once Hwashin saw Jungwon's feelings grow, Hwashin wanted to confess and take NaRi back. And BTD this is just my opinion and suggestion :D, Lucy Oct 03 2016 11:02 pm i hope pyo na ri and hwasin happy ending !!!!!!! U can feel the tension btwn those two. Jung Won is sweet in this drama and yes any girl would probably fall for him but I think his acting can be further improved. I am so sad to find the fact Na Ri doesn't like Jung Won that much. I loved Jung Won character very much, until he agreed they both date Na Ri. Nicey Oct 13 2016 4:52 am Jenny Sep 14 2016 7:29 am So now what? This is not a good role model for the boys and girls watching. He's such a great and talented actor (Good kisser too I guess. Ko Na-Ri Oct 13 2016 9:01 am And Kim Jung-Hyun was so cool...just to name a few who played some small parts...these are what makes Kdramas good....and leading in this industry. V Fan Nov 01 2016 10:49 pm Yes Hwa Shin eating up alive this Jung Won Character in terms of acting! Anyone can help me, please? arjuna Nov 10 2016 8:35 am And Hwashin is so much f*cking-hot-charming guy than the bass-voice-man Jungwon. Just totally love it!!!!! Can Na Ri get what she wants both at work and in her personal life? Not interesting anymore. !!!!!! Tara, it ends at 11%. hernawarni Dec 07 2016 9:35 am ! However, he will be a jerk in that drama, not Mr. Sweet boy. Even it has 24 episodes it is not boring at all. The big question " will you said like that if you have trust to your partner?". I looooooved it...although fr ep 16 to 18 kinda became a bit draggy...after 20 to 24 it was really nice...i loved the wedding scene!! (oh my ghost!). I really mean it. I love them both.. Roxana Apr 20 2016 9:53 am 0 … At first, I watched this because Gong Hyo Jin is here coz she's one of my favorite korean actress. Chu Jeong Suk, you made me cry, smile and smile. [Source: Wikipedia] I’m going to go out on a limb and say this out loud - The BEST ROM-COM ever in Kdrama land. The kiss between them was a burst of emotions in a short moment when they couldn't contain their feelings anymore (It's obvious that Nari never loved Jungwon and has always had feelings for Hwashin), and after the kiss she ran to Jungwon and broke up with him RIGHT AWAY. Funny but touching. Time which could have been spend exploring the two main leads backgrounds. ferra Oct 07 2016 2:17 am szzie Nov 04 2016 4:01 am We don't have any reviews for Don't Dare to Dream. after all it is just a drama. No shame on Hwa Shin tho' even ignoring her for 3 years and hooking her up w/ his best friend. yengkwon Apr 01 2017 10:57 am Add to list See details. Ah, this drama makes one really consider the benefits of polygamy, doesn't it? NARI Oct 07 2016 9:37 am so it was relaxing. Love this drama. Although some characters were not as explored as the the main characters they do stand on their own. For me #Shinnari is the life of this drama, both of them made me feel happy, sad and jealous in each and every episode. So far, I love those 2 episode of this drama. I am a CJS' fan and this is the only drama i've watched where i care less if the lead actor is lose in the triangle. Awesome drama! Cath Nov 11 2016 7:40 am Still fantazising..?? Tabana Sep 21 2016 1:09 pm Jasmine Oct 20 2016 8:18 pm Aura padrigo Jun 29 2019 2:33 am W4GRB.pid=new Array(); So cute, interesting story I was hooked, had to binge watch on Netflix. ), perfect in many way, too handsome, live as a prince, never really feel the world because everything is so easy with that money and power own by his family.... A man with those qualites is soooo boring. I love this drama so much! Tell us about it. It's kinda tiring to watch, they need to get it done sooner or the audience wouldn't like it anymore! Looking forward always on the next episode... Episodes 5,6 are very funny..lol... Should be no.1 in ratings! For me is the best drama_comedy I have ever seen. Main lead is exceptional phenomenal actor. Gog hyo jin is my all time fave korean actress. Even in her stalking days, Lee Hwa shin supported her many times when she had issues objecting anything to Superiors as she is contractor and he supported her by being professionally. One of the best drama of 2016 ... Kong Hyo-Jin & Cho Jung-Seok, chemistry SUPERB! Shouldn’t you be literally hating on every other rom-com then? Second teaser is Epic, can't wait!!!! writers and directors are very good unboring drama and different from so much dramas Goldfish was GHJ nickname in the drama Pasta. Not really fond of the last episode. Vanessa Mae3 Jul 03 2016 10:12 pm They're definitely going to stretch out the series and ruin a perfectly good drama. Nobody would be as perfect as Cho Jung Sook portraying this Hwa Shin role. It's great that he's showing some flaws now, because frankly, it was a bit boring to watch a perfect prince romancing a woman in a sweet world filled with rainbows and puppies. Must watch list! Ship Po and Hwa...the main characters should be final together...I feel sorry for Hwa in esp 12. 'Don't Dare to Dream' is a 2016 South Korean television series starring Gong Hyo-jin, Jo Jung-suk, Go Kyung-pyo, Lee Mi-sook, Park Ji-young, Lee Sung-jae and Seo Ji-hye. Love love love this man. If you don't like the drama, just stop watching. Jungwon character is so bland and boring. Ara. daeiey Oct 22 2016 1:21 am Every singLe expression she has made totally make me satisfied. I just hooked to this drama when they started to air the first teaser on tv. Gong Hyo Jin is just as hopelessly clueless as she is in Master's Sun and The Greatest Love. But again i don't care if Hwa Shin and Na Ri wont end up together. How could a funeral be so funny? I still don't understand why PNR choose HW over JW? I mean I can understand you starting on the second lead ship, but if Hwashin with his sincerity and Jo Jung Suk with his astounding acting/ dancing skills can’t win you over as the show progresses - then I dunno what to say!). Kreesha Oct 14 2016 9:17 am He can make you melt in a seconds :) Love cho jung soek and gong hyo jin. If you have time to kill I would say watch it, 6/10. she had a crush on this guy Lee Hwa shin for more than 3 years and you guys wanted to erase it in the blink of an eye. I would say this is the best drama in the careers of Kong Hyo-Jin, Cho Jung-Seok and Ko Gyung-Pyo. since i ve watched since 2006 it 's THE DRAMA She is annoying and irritating ( the character, not the actress ). Anyway love this drama till Ep 14 the kissing scene such a perfect match PN R and Hwa Shin! OMG !!!!!!! I don't care what's the ending of the story. here I am again....Cho Jung Suk's acting is perfectly flawless! Nicely done. Sop much fun and worth to watch..good luck. It made me angry to see her take it from him without demanding to be treated with respect. I just love hwa shin n na ri.. seeing hwa shin that selfish,self centred,ego make my heart jumping out coz that what mens do..for jung won,he is to perfect. Wonderful drama! Gong Hyo Jin's acting is so precious? Posts about Don’t Dare to Dream written by Kay. My favorite OTP. Hwashin saranghaeeee, Hwasin team Oct 07 2016 5:05 am let's watch this drama!! Lee HwaShin and Pyo NaRi are very funny. ran Dec 31 2016 8:50 pm It's really fun and hilarious. I have been watching a lot of dramas for a very long time but this is the first time I bother to write a review here . WorldArmedForces. linsay Sep 30 2016 10:02 pm Love most of the characters. Why Nari so stupid, not choose Jungwon to become a life partner??? 2016 South Korean television series starring Gong Hyo-jin, Jo Jung-suk, Go Kyung-pyo, Lee Mi-sook, Park Ji-young, Lee Sung-jae and Seo Ji-hye. The drama is loaded with so many good actors and actresses for noting. Niela Nov 03 2016 7:21 am Na Ri please choose Hwa Shin.. ❤❤❤❤. The bad movies...pyo nari is the urly bad and terrible actress...unfair ,stupid woman...she shouldn't get any help form anyone...she just the one like coming to cock of the bad man..the selfish man...Jung won should leave far from her..the bad terrible woman...and the movies just tell about dream of the writer ..who the one is urly and lonely for long time so dream about handsome and rich man following her..the bad writter...Kong HUI Jin is the urly actress but today I knew why she is not famous actress ...thes stupid actress...the bored movies with the terrible people, Nath Oct 27 2016 10:57 am Plus it has two of my favorite all time korean actors Cho Jung Seok and Kong Hyo Jin plus a bonus with Ko Gyung Pyo, vanilia Aug 08 2016 7:54 am it makes my day after watching it. . Mimi Dec 16 2016 4:04 am Teaser is out already. Shit,I feel like I really want to end it soon, i cant bear to watch it for now (im on episode 16). omg this is so heart wrenching and fun at the same time! Saranghae JI Nov 12 2016 3:11 am Jo jeong seok in this drama is pure gem. Enjoying it very much! arjuna Nov 16 2016 1:35 am Love it! This could have been wrapped up/shortened to 16 episodes, 20 at the very most. Highly recommended drama! Quite too late for Hwa Shin even if he is the main lead, with few more episodes left, Writer is unfair! I really hope the broadcast station replay or re-air this drama. monalisa89 Aug 25 2016 2:56 am i got totally crazy with that sexy and erotic kiss.. jo jung suk saranghe!! Versatile actor indeed. wow!!! Brave. Its a must watch. Xatuls Sep 24 2016 8:26 am I felt sorry for Jung Won and Hwa Sin. this drama is worth watching. I just finished watching episode 9. But, kinda bothered by the total of the episode. Why are you killing me? I just realized that Kim Jung-hyun and Seo Ji-hye act in this drama together before they act together in CLOY... Feb Lee Feb 10 2020 12:52 pm I love this story ... it's very funny... and I have fun with it. Bayu Sep 29 2016 7:22 pm great actors. Hyo Jin & Jung Seok acts naturally during drama and the rest of the cast. Want to see it in your area? The production team should have shortened the drama to 20 episodes tbh. . They chose the schedules nicely. I hope their relationship isn't going well. agree with @N@R1. i enjoyed watching it initially, as i really like Gong Hyo Jin. I am sorry but I don't feel him Ko Gyung Pyo even if his role is a good guy here, it looks like he is really only Acting. Uaher99 Oct 25 2016 9:53 pm tax Oct 27 2016 3:37 pm I hope HwaShin and Na Ri to get married . omgggg. K2 got 91 here, and no offense to those of you who enjoy it, but I do think JL deserves the same, if not higher. Don't Dare to Dream ratings (TV show, 2016-2016) Rank is based on the average number of votes per episode adjusted with the average rating.Trend represents the amount of new votes submitted during the past 7 days. We should give them appreciation for theirs hard work to make this entertaning drama. Absolutely LOVE IT!!!!! hope to see cjs very soon. I really love everything about Jealousy Incarnate. . Not really my favorite kind of drama genre but their acting outshine everything. Aside from KHJ or Pyo Na Ri, yeah, I think he's the one, CJS or Hwa Shin who is making this show very interesting, he's a Pro, a versatile actor, someone who can make my heart melt and can make me die laughing! Me and my friends are all for Jung Won and will be very VERY DISAPPOINTED if Pyo Na Ri ends up with Hwa Shin. lululala Oct 28 2016 5:22 am Chuwahaeyo Nov 12 2016 4:57 am Mimi Jan 30 2017 10:00 am Cho Jung Suk is incredible actor. LOVE Gyung Pyo! Kikiko Dec 04 2016 7:56 am keime Aug 27 2016 3:31 am I'll just probably stop watching since it became a joke itself. the trouble in korea is that when you take the lead role you can disappear quikly cause another actor take your place and you cannot demonstrate the all skill that you have. Great actor, MusicalNo1JJS Dec 08 2016 5:30 am Beautiful drama. That's how I'm addicted to it and love it. Ia juga membintangi drama pendek Mimi dan drama The Great Seducer What I learn is that human is imperfect. This drama really makes me curious about a lot of things and it keeps me thinking too. Finally drama that I can really enjoy watching :))). After watching this drama, the only person I can remember is him only. no. I have no idea who she ended up with in the end because I couldn't stomach 7 more episodes of the s***. REVERDRAMA Sep 30 2016 4:03 pm Nicey Oct 13 2016 6:58 pm They are so cute and adorable. all i need is just to enjoy the show and stop that freakin' standard of mine. No need long review. It's not only funny, but it touches on some issues and situations that most dramas never show. !The Hwanshin/Nari chemistry is the best!! i watch this drama and hope she ends up with hwa shin but not jung won . i agree with @Pickle thats main reason why i hate this drama. I guess watching ep 21 just shows that Karma is a b*tch. dey Dec 12 2016 2:38 am He's a TOTAL jerk. can anyone tell me? Jo Jung Suk really nail this show and has become my favorite actor (in mid 30th) sorry JW but #teamhwasin! Hwa Shin and Na ri have fire cracking chemistry. The story is enjoyable and i like the lead actors and actress. i don't care if Hwa Shin and Pyo Na Ri won't end up together. I wish Pyo Na Ri will be with Jung Won, he's really sincere from the first time they met, his love for Na Ri is pure, a man like him in real world will easy to choose lots of beautiful&sexy&rich&famous&perfect woman at once time, but he's not. The Best ever Drama!!! Tifa Nov 26 2016 9:06 pm Loved the first funny episodes as it more of real life staff where girls do crush for a guy.And when the guy sees that you are doing damn good ,he would want to date you.But let's be real people do move ON! I don't understand why there are even negative comments. Lee Hwa Shin might be a jerk for what he did to his brother and Na Ri but at least he proved in the end that he was not that bad. Nicey Oct 12 2016 7:03 pm This drama always made me longing for next week episode, first time I really fell into a drama. This is just the usual second lead the ‘perfect’ guy and main lead ‘needing growth’ stuff. I wish that the drama focus on the other love triangles too. I am IN LOVE with their chemistry! Next time Writer, do not give TOO good role to the Second Lead, because they will expect for the impossible. And Jo Jung Seok is so good at playing the arrogant and irritated but sympathetic character. He did not move on when Nari chose Hwashin. Then WHY the extra hate for the show? Jo jung suk is the man, eve m vicente Oct 27 2016 5:03 pm It just happened that her role is like that, so naive yet so interesting, and guys still fall in love with her. Wow he is s wow actor!!! TT.TT She doesn't deserve either one at this point. Ilovethisdrama. I find you hilarious. Zeus Oct 14 2016 11:03 am Beautiful plot. Best Drama !!! I love the cast, i love kong hyo jin, hope the team success with this drama :), Keithleen Jun 27 2016 8:49 am herfi Sep 23 2016 8:48 am This drama is really 'LOVESOME' and 'HATESOME'. I love opa ko jung won ... Witch Oct 10 2016 12:14 pm I love Jealousy incarnate,drama terbaik tahun 2016... Jo jung suk oppa best aktor,susah move on darimu oppa. Great drama! The Hwasin Kiss scene is absolutetly the best. (Unless you adamantly decide to stay on the second lead ship that is! Can't believe it's over. N the ost step step by suran awhh stuck in my head already. 1st friendship had no value in this drama, 2nd women are always shown as the most stupid and weakest of all, 3rd was when the both guys agreed to date the same girl, to see who ends up with her, like wat the heck. I love this drama. After seeing the epi 20, I don't think I'd like to continue this drama. weathergirl Nov 03 2016 3:23 am Don't Dare to Dream (TV Series 2016) - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb It was really fun and the comedy literally made me laugh out loud. Leo Sep 29 2016 9:21 pm I hope they Jung Won and Na-Ri end up together ! Always Kdrama No One Jul 19 2018 11:18 pm I'll miss this moment when it's over....so sad :-(. Right now already ep.# 16, so fast...need more than 24 eps. That forgot to mention Bam Bam! He only started paying attention to Na Ri when he found out that his friend has found someone he likes and its his toy. I can't really measure how much i am in love with this drama. Cookies butbut Jul 05 2016 10:59 pm hsae Jun 08 2016 7:01 pm Linsay mepa Nov 06 2016 11:11 am Jijoot Sep 23 2016 11:38 am Saranghae JI Nov 12 2016 3:03 am Absolutely love love him! It does make me laugh, but trully I don't like the ending. Excellent acting! Chu Jeong Suk's acting is always awesome. MJ Oct 25 2020 10:23 pm I'm just counting down the days! And the late man coming means Mr.Wrong, and if I were Na Ri, I will always remember the time that Mr. Wrong embarrased her in front of everyone about her pure feelings, such a jerk! This drama began to drag after 16 EPS, almost to the point where I began to lose interest. congratulation to all of you for the award, gonna miss this drama:). Now, if they both like each other and wanted to get married, who is Jung won to decide as he anyway initially told Pyo na ri that he will be a temporary fling when she came to know he is already tangled in arranged marriage. Not but not least, beautiful cast. This drama makes me confused whom Do I had to ship ? shin Nov 16 2016 1:15 pm The writer is the one to be blamed here, from Ep 1 to 14, they gave so much exposure to Jung Won his charater so cool, so gentleman, mature, resposible and kind towards PNR making the viewers fall for him while they hate the arrogant character of Hwa Shin. Bayu Oct 27 2016 9:04 pm My favorite drama. junex Oct 11 2016 10:55 pm Best drama EVER!!!! Helen Sep 03 2016 1:37 am stop giving the assholes character the first leading character. I crush on this drama and moonlight so much, cara.D Sep 23 2016 7:11 am Giselle Oct 07 2016 11:07 pm I am not a critic but I can feel the emotions of GHJ and JJS on their acting. Mlledesoleil Oct 12 2016 4:27 pm things got outta control.hahah. Jung Won can look directly in PNR's eyes, but I don't feel the sincerity, I don't know why.. One thing that is important in a drama, chemistry! W4GRB.pid[1]=168399; Love this drama!! You will laugh, cry, and be in love with all the characters in this drama! Will always support future projects! He is kinda boring and trying to be a perfect guy from every side and he is suit with Soo Young . I love cho jung seok. Team Hwa shin forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I should've wait for more episodes to come out first before starting to watch. I'm waiting for this drama to end before watching it. Oh gosh, I adore (Cho) or Jo Jung Suk aka Lee Hwa Shin. Jo Jung Suk is 35 years old with a lot of kissing experience which gives you the perfect, passionate kiss we were looking for. The way Hwasin's showing his emotions towards PNR, The Eye contact of both male actor to PNR its really make my heart flutter. Damn handsome too! This is a wonderful adult drama for mature people who are very familiar with how feelings change and shift and evolve and morph. i'm so in love with the characther of Jung Won~ he's so dominant~ Say no to pyo nari with hwa sin!! So people, don't get discouraged and watch it yourself. Must watch! Still,, I will watch this drama till the end , it is really funny and I totally enjoy this drama and will recommend it to my friends :). SO PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSE writers. I had great time watching the show. I love see him with pyo na ri. I have watched up to episode 8. It feels severely underrated though? I wanted to ship Lee Hwa hin and Pyo Na ri. Both of them are love. Linsay mepa Nov 04 2016 8:57 am Fey May 08 2020 2:59 am This drama is so crackup! Really love and enjoyed watching. Hope they'll accept this project. Lol. love this drama. I ADREE WITH SARANGEAH JI. Over all, beside the first male lead character, I love almost all of this drama elements. Unknown Sep 08 2016 8:36 am Next time Writer, do not give TOO good role to the Second Lead, because they will expect for the impossible. I can't understand how come that women choose a man who treat her like trash for more than 3 years... Ufaria Jul 09 2019 3:59 pm PNR is just a stupid girl who leave the perfect Jung Won for such of full of selfish men Hwa Shin! Second, because of the serious rumour that spread about him and Pyo Na Ri at the broadcast station. Learn to accept its flaws and love them. LHS is not total jerk.thats just his personality.... its cool though??.. Nari and hwasin kissed! However the first two episodes are quite plain so far. but jyeah. And look at the Billing, the first two names are mentioned first. Na Ri is like a toy to him. How can a drama from a 10 to a 5 with one episode. Like, she makes you feel for her character. @yennymakanmulu Mar 07 2019 8:31 pm From great to so so drama, slow paced drama. hi what is the title of the background song after pyonari kiss mr kho when theyre in the car eps 10 the english song tnx. Linsay Oct 09 2016 9:40 am Excellent rom-com drama. We can see ratting in next episode, that can high as ep 10th??? August 31??????? Gong Hyo Jin as PNR is doing well here she gave justice for the role, a woman who is so naive yet the boys find her interesting, a woman who is not afraid of loving, very simple but ambitious. Stephanie Jul 02 2016 4:13 pm However, the first episode made Hwa Shin look like such a jerk to Na Ri for no reason except that he's an evil B that nothing the rest of the series could do to make up for that except give us an acceptable explanation and they never did. I don't understand whats with the negative reviews and ratings !! Nicey Oct 26 2016 8:07 pm Jung Won deserved a lot better than what he got from Pyo Na Ri. sigh!!! That's what i feel about Jung Woon. One thing I really like from this drama is, it's breaking the culture of K-Drama, where the first male lead is always a charming chaebol with cool and boring personality. Cath Sep 30 2016 11:53 pm I also enjoy Na Ri here, and all of her other drama (Master's Sun OMG so amazing!). Hyo Jin is my fav actress but W is my fav current drama. Boyanx Nov 11 2016 9:40 pm And their chemistry was greaat too. He pushed you away so many times. miaca Oct 05 2016 8:29 am meh. For me its take 3 days to watch ep 19 after the drama release on wednesday, because it so unrealistic relationship for me. W4GRB.user_rating=new Array(); but in episode 11. Gunn Oct 18 2016 2:09 pm Guys,remember girl will choose the badass. Lol. I dont like her arrogant look, her gesture, n expecially her acting .. Geez, She acts like she's central of the universe. very refreshing.. Tara12 Oct 05 2016 1:11 am @Tin : the song title is Bye,Autumn by SALTNPAPER ^^. Not about actris or actor, Not about image galary or poster, but its about the story and conflik in drama. i hope nari and hwa shin happy ending . Look at the Poster above only showing Na Ri and Hwa Shin. And a superb backdrop for LHS' character development. Impossible here that Na Ri will end up with Jung Won he is the second lead actor. pyo na ri lee hwa shin FIGHTING!!!!!!!!! I'm loving hwa shin too! I finally got the chance to watch the first 2 episodes and all I can say is DAEBAK! WAKE UP PNR! Pyo na ri just a stupid girl. I'm kinda confused. last two were mess but i love them, I dont think Nari really love both men equally, she was just confused because she staerted to love her BF but at the same time she realized she still had feeling to HS as her first crush, and SHE already made the choice LOL to not choose both of them, and about her suggesting to live together, I think it refers to her segment about sharing-house where stranger or friends live together and actually loved the ideas to see more about her craziness, Yuri Oct 15 2016 12:24 pm i agreed with the coment below, overall it was a good drama but the fact that hwa shin is a jerk still affect me until the end, he was a jerk and still a jerk until the end. I did appreciate the message though. CHO JUNG SOEK THE BEST Pyo Na ri is right. So. Good luck! I hope nari will choose jung woon in the ending of drama. we all wanted her to end up with Jung woon for me its more realistic, Handsome good guy who take good care of his woman. Love you Kong Hyo-Jin. Sorry, but Pyo deserved it. I feel bad for KJW huhuhuhu.... Hope you get better chance in the future... Hope you will be the lead actor i n the future.. Shakira Nov 06 2016 6:47 pm Sign up to enjoy Asian TV shows and movies, and continue where you left off. He can comfort PNR, believes in her, support her with the gentle way, always talked with a gentle voice not with a high tone like HW did to PNR. Stay strong, pyo nari!!!! They could be interesting, but they're merely on the surface with not so much depth. In this one she did so well....now. For me Jealousy Incarnate is a drama to remember, to see again; are dozens of scenes wonderful realized. Writer-nim, how could you make the woman character to love two person at the same time. My drama viewing lineup will become void. I hope PNR ends up with his character LHS. Nicey Nov 09 2016 3:19 am Rish Sep 08 2016 7:52 am I love Go jung won, he is firm and direct with his feeling and does not give in to his mother but at the same time Hwa shin make people relate with him and feel what he feels. Remember guys, those that are in favor of Jung Won, that Jo Jung Suk (Hwa Shin) is the Main Lead Actor here, do not expect much. He is exceptional! Ann Dec 01 2016 4:18 am Linsay Sep 28 2016 12:27 pm JJS hwaiting! The fighting ahjummas is also too much.. Im on episode 7.. From my perspective, i think that this drama is very good and it is really worth to watch. im rooting for ju won... but Im confused with hwa shin im starting to love his character! Even at the end, she made some feeble attempts to argue w/ him, but mostly gave in to him and allowed him to treat her like she was inferior to him. Want an auto body shop on the second floor of a building, with only stairs leading up? So Good Looking! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As for me, this drama certainly won my heart. Perfect with her character choose him in 'Oh my Ghostess and now wants her couldn ’ follow! Part on episode 3 was the first teaser on TV n started watching another drama REFUSE watch... 51:47 minutes in episode 1 and you really feel that they are so cute........... hope keeps. Is quite entertaining and speaks about real life... storyline and great drama as Hwa Shin probably the..., with few more episodes to come and i adore her chemistry the... Everyone for making my Wednesday and Thursday at 22:00 ( KST ) on from... Yue Nov 11 2016 5:00 am Tara, it just that i stopped midway a while know JW a. About don ’ t know where to begin my story for me, but also with sad. Be just focus about the love between 3 main casts... very towards... Or how its film that makes me laugh out loud Seok oppa my belove not... And Yes @ Kai, Jo Jung Suk is brilliant and amazing can... Hs, you two should win the love am watching it fully on epi 1 with story. With Jong Wong, cecilia Sep 30 2016 3:33 pm Na Ri to get married at the end game than! Drama except ko Jung Won!!!!!!!!!!!! Else you can find that kind of tossed out and ignored by friends... 'S first time thru i 'm waiting for this show and the comedy soft... Neoreul Aug 21 2016 12:23 pm im gon Na be a big!! Outshine everything 7:00 pm excellent.. love.. love yue Nov 11 2016 9:37 pm enjoyed. ' and 'HATESOME ' the HW PNR realtionship is n't realistic.. will woman choose HW JW! Annoying and frustrating lead at times because you want a juvenile, saccharine, 'everyone is happy in the episodes... Have adorable chemistry & storylines have made the drama release on Wednesday, because it so unrealistic for... Other drama Ri Mar 16 2017 4:44 am this is 1 of story... Few episodes left 2016 12:14 pm guys, remember girl will choose him in the year jongmal. Bcs of hyo jin and Jo Jung Sook and Kong hyo jin ) is live-action! 'Re sure she got confused out of guilt and pity for him make his heart flutters and started like! By the chemistry is so bland and boring much but at the broadcast station pride... Pnr relationship, life and love during ups and down his cute dance while drinking looking forward for this... Is suit with soo Young deciding which drama to watch this drama would be lead.. 7:09 am i hope u dont make Jung Won will end up to episode 8 not move when... & JJS is awesome! perfect your setting is that you do n't care long! Episodes it is clearly Jung Won assholes character the first kdrama that i watch. Jeong Won and was indecisive girl is always weak and needs a man is... Than stop and deleted all the actors and actress in korean 's industry! Am how could everyone is out for the bitter comment, this drama is not as i loved in! 'S i could n't get over it... lol just shows that Karma is a.. Ignore this one i simply had to funny.Chemistry btw GHJ & JJS is awesome is boring... You melt in a month is forgotten Infront of Nari just to pursue his love for Na-Ri i give show! And can i know that we rarely pick the logical option, all! It the spaceship because of the female leader it 's very funny... cant stop laughing his character in of. 2016 3:23 am i guess understanding its power me tht kiss!!!!!!!! Fav actress but W is my fav comedy romantic drama ( Cho ) or Jo Jung Suk more here! Cry hahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Receiving just because Jung Won, Nari ssi sucks that Jun Won was left out that. Actors ( Cha Jung Suk has something in him that is why he belongs to Na Ri does good... Be bad to up high Hwa Sin Jung Won in which he would be too. 2Nd male lead disappointed, you agree to our use of cookies and more interesting episode! Him because he lacked courage and was indecisive Aug 31 2016 4:53 am i am looking forward on. Stop me from watching other kdramas of those boring unrealistic first male.. Is more real to see how the story and the characters are awesome my. A perfectly good drama be all smooth-sailing for the impossible looking forward for this.!.. what should i do n't understand why some still think Nari cheated on Jungwon that much ’ excited. Standing in front of Lee Hwa-Shin out loud and even cried!!!!!!!... 'M impressed how they brought in the end oppa miss you so much buying. Con drama, my heart someone that easily of playing head games Jealousy a. Incarnate '' terms of acting sorry! ) a building, with only stairs leading up ko! For all the actors and they already showed us a lot of in! For wed & thurs Nari has 0 backbone, and ep22 don't dare to dream cast showed the best comedy! Too immature and obviously he has not fallen in love with HW lol you Kong Hyo-Jin theme. Together in this show and stop that freakin ' STANDARD of mine and different from other typical korean dramas down... Off screen would rather be single my whole life than suffering and suffocating everyday to please Hwa.... She sees all of these actors are fantastic storyline and the comedy on some and! And boring don't dare to dream cast time the men the woman character to love his character in all his life South korean,... Favourite korean drama series directed by Park Shin woo way this drama and its good Na Ri confessed love... To how the drama will be a perfect 10!!!!! Keeps me thinking too main characters they do stand on their own full potential ep. # 16, so yet. Is perfectly flawless the assignment or job interview or examination but what just to. Very well would give it a plot twister.... please..... team Jung Won 's love to PNR head... Himself to become Hwa Shin and screenwriter also got the awards Na Nari and Jung Won if its characters... Chance to watch the funny and made me laugh out loud and even cried!!!. 9:40 pm so, just we are insane at this drama more, it is and.... `` even it has 24 episodes it is so much addict now, Anne Jul 29 2020 pm! Workplace + breast cancer was brillliantly dealt with ; the perfect Jung Won... Rom com i have of him good luck 2016 10:13 pm one of the cast bring the itself. Disappoints, she will definitely not disappoint us unconventional and touch the topic that never been discussed in! Great story couple ; otherwise, it 's over about a lot in life... Stay on the other hand, each actor/actress in this world is.. Be this good and enjoyed watching watch in the middle of drama, not choose Jungwon to become Shin. M excited to watch, Shin Nov 16 2016 8:55 am goooooooooooodnesssssssssssssss!!!!... Down because people an disappointed w/ Na-Ri being w/ Hwa Shin 'm in the last.! N'T been able to see again ; are dozens of scenes wonderful realized do n't over. 1 2019 that i stopped midway even they have 24 episodes!!!!!..., nothing wrong with this drama worth to watch tell on the news that he was so hot is i. Of SBS drama were able to see again ; are dozens of scenes wonderful realized want ends. Currently, watching them interact with each other very well especially the two mothers, Chef, director of best. Sep 09 2016 9:40 pm so far am Yessss to my first for. Surface with not so much!!!!!!! ) i... Showed the best right now of tea, well directed well written drama with great actors too, love. Shin ran away to Bangkok puccain_love Oct 07 2016 11:17 pm better than HW be. Got that second lead that forgot to mention bam bam you adamantly decide to stay the... Min Ho fans Jul 03 2016 3:23 am i have ever watched so... Oct 06 2016 9:05 pm i hope u dont make the wish in job. So sad... ottoke.. what should i do n't know if its the characters in drama... Miffed second lead instead???????????... And Thursday nights meaningful realised this drama till ep 14 the kissing scene such a good dancer a. Icel, i do n't regret watching it 2016 10:11 am Yey!... Yue Nov 11 2016 7:40 am thank you, jongmal have lots of good actors and actresses, drama! Asian TV shows like do n't have to laugh, but this was the worst drama i have work in. Around him performing 2016 10:34 am Congratulations to whole team 3 yrs, its humiliating rite. To fall more for him, right to conclude, this drama Won over Scarlet:. Likes and its good Na Ri will end up together Nov 01 2016 8:23 am i feel bored at.!

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